How do I use FetchFuel?

FetchFuel is designed to squeeze directly on your dog’s food. It is simple and fuss free. No pills or chews to hide or messy powders to mix. Review the serving guide on the bottle and determine the appropriate amount your dog needs daily.

Is FetchFuel right for my dog?

FetchFuel was formulated to work for all dogs, regardless of age, breed or size. Review the serving guide on the bottle and determine the appropriate amount your dog needs daily.

How much FetchFuel should I serve to my dog?

Refer to the FetchFuel Daily Serving Guide.

Can I add FetchFuel to any type of dog food?

Yes. FetchFuel works with both wet and dry food, commercial or home cooked diets. Simply squeeze the appropriate amount directly on dog food daily. Mixing it into the food is up to you.

Does FetchFuel contain preservatives?

FetchFuel products were developed to be safe and healthy nutritional supplements for dogs. We use natural preservatives and all our ingredients are generally recognized as safe for dogs including these three all natural and common preservatives: vegetable glycerin, sunflower lecithin, and potassium sorbate.

Does FetchFuel contain flavorings?

We use all natural flavoring to craft tasty savory sauces. Our healthy and nutritious ingredients deliver all the flavor we need. Dogs love it!

Does FetchFuel contain colors or dyes?

No. There are no colors or dyes added to any FetchFuel products. They are delivered in their natural color.

Does FetchFuel have an expiration date?

For best results, we recommend that your dog enjoys FetchFuel within the 2-3 months from purchase. However it will last up to 18 months from production. There is a best buy date on each bottle for easy reference.

Where is FetchFuel made?

All of our FetchFuel Products are produced in our human-grade facility in California. We use quality human-grade ingredients to ensure we maintain healthy, safe and consistent products for all dogs to enjoy.


When should I start feeding my dog FetchFuel?

FetchFuel can be started when puppies begin consuming solid foods. FetchFuel provides nutritional ingredients beneficial for dogs at all stages of life.

My dog can be a finicky eater. Will they eat their dog food with FetchFuel added to it?

All FetchFuel products are tasty, naturally flavored sauces. Give them a try. Our dogs find all of them delicious and many dogs have become more interested eaters because of the tasty addition of FetchFuel.