bruno-runIt all started with doing pushups.

No really, the FetchFuel team started the company Perfect Fitness helping others get in shape and stay active. Our first product was the Perfect Pushup and we grew it into a fitness company called Perfect Fitness with products sold in sporting goods stores around the country. But as much as we liked doing pushups (not all the time!), what we really love is running, hiking and fetching with our dogs Heidi, Riley, Miss Chief and Bruno.

Unfortunately, as our beloved hounds get older their mobility gets compromised, their skin and coats show signs of aging and they loose their appetites. We set out to craft a convenient, high quality, produced in the USA way to boost their nutrition and stack the deck in their favor! FetchFuel ACTIVE was born in San Francisco in 2014 and a year later, in the Summer of 2015, launched in Northern and Southern California pet stores.

The concept is really simple. A complete and balanced diet is critical to a dog’s vitality and longevity. In many cases, dog food can fall short on providing the necessary nutrients for dogs to thrive. Many foods are good enough, but not great, leading pet parents to supplement their dog’s diet. FetchFuel is our way of guaranteeing we are giving our dogs high quality and safe nutrition that we know works. FetchFuel combines high quality, human-grade nutrients that our dogs need into convenient and easy to serve tasty sauces. We packed this nutrition in a tasty sauce we squeeze on their food each day to eliminate stressful pills, messy powders or relying on filling treats. Our goal at FetchFuel is to create the highest quality, nutrient rich products to help dogs live their best day, every day. We all deserve nutrition for the Long Run.

Nutrition for the Long Run™ is what we are all about!